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Faculty Member
, john — telecomm
, Ruvim bro
, — economics
, Fernando
Aaquist, Orla — Physical Sciences
Abbas, Nesrine
admin, portal
Anderson, Timothy
Andrews, Jeffrey — Statistics
Angulo, Fernando — School of Business Bachelor of Commerce
Annett, Mike — Human Resource Management, School of Business
Anton, Cristina — Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Armour, Ian — Humanities
babiuk, colin
Baker, Sheila — EAL/ESL
Bano, Shehr — Acupuncture
Barran, Sunil — Mathematics and Statistics
Barrington-Moss, Gail — Arts and Cultural Management
Bellefeuille, Gerard
Betz, Sonya — Library
Biglands, Adrian — Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
Biittner, Katie — Anthropology
bill, thompson — english
Bilodeau, Victor — Bachelor of Commerce
Bocatto, Evandro — OB, HRM, Mgmt., & MIS
bocatto, evandro
Bode, Judith — Humanities
Boers, Nicholas — Computer Science
Boulianne, Shelley — Sociology
Brant, Marian — Theatre Production
Bratt, Sharon — Computer Science
Brookwell, Brian — Computer Science
Buro, Karen — Science
Buro, Karen
Campbell, Janet — Biological Sciences
carter, tom
Caul, Darren — Correctional Services Program
Cavanaugh, Linda — BScN Program
chafe, fons
Champoux, Geneve — Writing and Learning Services
Chase, Angila — Bachelor of Child and Youth Care
Cheoros, David — Arts and Cultural Management
Chow, Angela
Classen, Roxanne — Music
Conteh, Abu — Biological Sciences
Copland, Sarah — Department of English
Copland, Sarah — English
Coulson, Jon — Computer Science
Das, Mrinal — Biological Sciences
Davis, Jeffrey — Engineering
Degner, Mark — Biological Sciences
Dion, Amber
Doering, Birgit — lynda.com
Doherty, Joseph
Einarsson, Robert — English
Eisenbraun, Garett
El-Hajj, Mohamad — Computer Science
Elbarrad, Sherif — Bcom
Enggist, Andreas — Physical Sciences
Falconer, Rob — Humanities
Fedoruk, John
Fiakpui, Sena
Fiorentino, Carlos — Design Studies
Fraser, Kathryn — Bachelor of Communications
Friesen, Kevin — Biological Sciences
Furze, Mark — Department of Physical Sciences
Gackenbach, Jayne — Psychology; Arts and Sciences
Garcia, Caitlin — BScN
Garstad, Benjamin — Humanities
Gelmini, Lucio — Chemistry
Ghosh, Subhadip — Decision Sciences, School of Business
Gill, Harjot
Ginther, Rose — Arts and Cultural Management
Grant, Gordon — Acupuncture
Guedo, Jim — Theatre Arts
Gulawani, Makarand — School of Business
Harkins, Jacquie — Bachelor of Science in Nursing program
Harvey, Gillian
Hayes, James — Human resource department
Head, James — Music
Henry, Mike — School of Business
Hills, Melissa — Biological Sciences
Hollis-Berry, Elizabeth
Hood, Kevin — Correctional Services Program – H&CS
Horak, David — Theatre Arts
Hossain, Muhammad — Department of Supply Chain and Decision Sciences
Huda, Mohammad
Ibach, Stephanie — Accounting and Finance Department
Indratmo, Indratmo — Computer Science
Islam, Muhammad — Mathematics and Statistics
Islam, Shahidul — Anthropology, Economics & Political Science
Ives, Carolyn — Centre for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence
Jebb, Wendy — Social Work
Jenne, Randy — Business Management
Jindal, Rohit — School of Business
Jiry, Dwayne
Joshi, Bejuna — Library information and technology
Judge, Kevin — Biological Sciences
Kaminski, Megan
Kato, David — Physical Education
Katz, Marco — English
Khin, Alice Saw Win — HLSC 126 OP51
Klakowich, Robert — Alberta College Conservatory of Music
Klawe, KATRINA — Anthropology
Konkin, Yuri — URDC
Kubish, Shelagh
Kui, Joshua — CampusConnections
Lawry-Batty, Kathleen — Mathematics and Statistics
Lee, Chun Sing — Economics
Linaker, launa
Locky, David
Lorimer, Shelley — Engineering
Luan, Layla
Lund, Mark — Physical Education
Macdonell, Cameron
Makowichuk, Candace — Arts & Cultural Management
Malloy, Nicole — Computer Science
Mandrusiak, Patricia — Health and Community Studies – Nursing
March, Rhea — Arts & Cultural Management
Martin, Paul — Faculty Development
Matfin, Bonny — Fine Art
Mazo, Lucille — Bachelor of Communication Studies
Mazumder, Robin — Faculty of Health and Community Studies
McFadyen, David — Biological Sciences
McKenzie, Hugh — Anthropology
McKeown, Nancy — Physical Sciences
McLean, Donna — Faculty of Health & Community Studies
McMillan, John — Music
Meleshko, Ronald — Computer Science
Mgonja, Boniface
Mills Jones, Madeline — Faculty of Nursing JonesM@MacEwanca
Minaker, Joanne — Sociology
Moorman, Shirley — Sociology Department
Mugo, Samuel — Physical Sciences (Chemistry)
Muralidharan, Etayankara (Murli) — IB, Marketing, Strategy, & Law
Nakatsu, Hitoshi
Ndege, Tom — Business Management
Nethercote, Joyce
Neumeier, Melanie — BScN
Nichol, Janet — Theatre Arts Program and Music Program
Ohki, Trudi — Psychology
Overend, Alissa — Sociology
Parker, James — Design Studies
Patel, Dhruvil — engineering
Peace, Kristine — Department of Psychology
Perez, Eloisa — Accounting and Finance Department
Pergelova, Albena — School of Business
Pi, Hengzi
Piehl, Doreen — Theatre Arts
Pienkowski, Anna — Physical Sciences
Pollard, Cheryl — Health and Community Studies – BScN
Raghuram, Aditi — Bachelor of Commerce (OBHRM)
Ralstin, Margaret
Ratay, Jane — grades
Reid, Doug — Education
Resaul, Timothy
Rezania, Vahid — Physical Sciences
Richey, Jordan
Rimmer, Chandelle — Music
Ringrose, Doug
Ringrose, Doug — Accounting
Rocca, Peter
Rolheiser, Matthew
Ross, Matthew — Physical Sciences-Chemistry
Rudko, Raina
Rush, Jennifer
Saberi, Manzar — physical sciences
Salma, Jordana
Sasano, Mari — Bachelor of Communications Studies
Schmaltz, Rodney — Department of Psychology
Scott, Daniel
sealy, jackie
Shamchuk, Lisa — Library
shea, theresa
Simard, Kristin
Smith, Mark — English
Snyder, Michael — Psychology
Solomonovich, Mark — Mathematics and Statistics
Speake, Stephen — Sociology
Spencer, Jennifer — Theatre Arts
Sritharan, Raj — Library and Information Technology
Stacey, Charity
Stepnisky, Jeffrey — Sociology
Stieglitz, Tara — Library
Striemer, Christopher — Psychology
Stroebel, Jocelyn — Services to Students with Disabilities
Strungaru, Nicolae — Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Su, Wanhua — Mathematics and Statistics
Sugden, Lynn — School of Business
Symbaluk, Diane — Sociology
Symonds-Brown, Holly — NURS 272
Takach, Geo — Bachelor of Communication Studies
Taleb, Ali — Strategy & Global Management
Tellier, Darren — Acupuncture Program
Underwood, Laura
Valdez Cardenas, Lidio — Anthropology, Economics & Political Science
Van Seters, Tom — Music
Venables, Bill — Accounting
Vongpaisal, Tara — Psychology
Walton, Erin — Arts & Science
Wang, Jiu-Lin — Acupuncture
Wang, Jin
Wang, Fu-Lin — Acupuncture
White-Macdonald, Elizabeth
Williams, Tim — Correctional Services Program
Wilson, David — Theatre Arts
Withey, Jonathan — Physical Sciences
Wong, Leo — BComm
Woodley, Matthew — faculty centre
Wurfel, Marlene — Communication Studies
Yargeau, Donna — security
Yesufu, Adenike — Sociology
Zypchyn, Karen — Journalism